June 21, 2020

Moving Forward — Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Nursing homes across the state and nation have been overwhelmingly, and disproportionately, affected by this virus and we’re heartbroken for all families who have lost loved ones.

The past three months have been some of the most difficult and trying times in our modern history. However, as an industry, we’re beginning to see signs of recovery, in large part due to the diligence of our healthcare workers and adherence to strict preventative measures. Through this healthcare crisis, we’ve grown and developed improved processes and protocols to continue ensuring the health and well-being of our residents, family and staff.

What we do remains the same, but how we do it will look different for the foreseeable future. We will continue to:

  • Conduct testing of staff and residents in accordance with NYSDOH regulations, as well as ensuring that all outside medical providers have been tested before entering our facilities
  • Maintain strict and thorough sanitation practices
  • Have staff continue to utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with NYSDOH and CDC requirements
  • Thoughtfully coordinate staffing to limit exposure
  • Let our families know when visitation will again be allowed as soon as communicated by NYSDOH

Keeping families and residents informed and up to date remains a top priority for our organization. We will continue to reach out personally to our primary contacts if there are any new staff or resident cases, and also provide messaging with critical information and regular updates posted here, as new information becomes available.

As New York State moves forward with re-opening; elective procedures will be scheduled and performed once again, and we will see an increased need for nursing care admissions. In planning for this, we have developed additional processes to ensure safe admissions and rehabilitation transfers to our facilities while also ensuring the well-being of residents and staff. All new residents will be screened prior to admission, requiring a COVID-19 negative test. Additionally, upon admission, all new residents will be placed in observation for 7- 14-days with a dedicated care team. We are incredibly thankful to our healthcare heroes and support staff for quickly adjusting to these new policies and ongoing state and federal changes.

Our Hurlbut Care Communities are committed to maintaining a healthy environment with continuous improvement as we navigate this unprecedented health crisis.  Above all, we’re dedicated to providing care, compassion, and a commitment to seniors and their loved ones in our communities.