June 15, 2016

Determining When Your Loved One Needs More Care

How do you know when it’s time to move up to a higher level of care?

It’s a challenge that requires clear thinking: when does your loved one need to move from independent living to assisted or residential care? There are four questions to consider –

  1. Will the person be safe and healthy at home or in an independent environment?
  2. Are there family members or friends available to provide care as needed?
  3. Is it (effectively) more costly for the person to remain at home?
  4. What (if any) social interaction and stimulation is your loved one receiving in their current environment?

You’ll find in-depth additional questions to consider on our site here.

We often find that there are many unforeseen emotional factors that enter into the equation when loved ones are facing choices that must be made.

You can get help from a geriatric care manager concerning the proper level of care and type of facility, and a financial planner or expert can help you figure out costs for varying levels of care at home or at facilities. This same page and The Elder Pages have more information about what these professionals offer in terms of knowledge and services, and how to locate them.

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Robert W. Hurlbut, President & CEO