March 17, 2017

Join us at Lifespan’s 21st annual Celebration of Aging

It’s an event we’re proud to be a part of, thanks to our shared vision and history.

Lifespan's Celebration of Aging Banner

For over 20 years, the Hurlbut family has been dedicated to supporting Lifespan, their services, community outreach, and largest annual fundraiser – The Celebration of Aging. Both my father, Robert H. Hurlbut Sr., and I served numerous times on Lifespan’s Board of Directors. Fostering and expanding community partnerships has long since been one of the core values of our family and Hurlbut Care Communities.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be the “Super Hero Sponsor” of this year’s Celebration of Aging. It will take place on Thursday, March 30th at the Convention Center in downtown Rochester. You can purchase tickets online here.

Lifespan's Celebration of Aging logo

This year’s Celebration will recognize Lifespan board member Dr. Daniel Mendelson for his outstanding work in geriatrics, and feature animal expert Jack Hanna as the guest speaker. Additionally, the Celebration highlights what Lifespan calls “Second Half Heroes;” people who are making a difference and contributing greatly to our communities in the second half of their lives.

When Lifespan was looking for a site for a fundraising dinner over twenty years ago, my father stepped forward and offered his private residence and hosted donors, Lifespan executives, and that year’s speaker, golfer Lee Trevino. That began our association with the Celebration, and throughout two decades we’ve been honored to be closely associated with this organization that is such a valuable asset for so many individuals. At Hurlbut Care Communities, we share very similar values and ideas on aging and how to deal with the challenges it brings.

On Lifespan’s website they note, “At any age or stage of life, we can all use the comfort of knowing others are there for us—helping us through a difficult transition, showing us we have options, and reminding us that with change comes new opportunity.”

In a similar fashion, we bring a level of comfort and care to our residents and their families at each Hurlbut Care Community. The kind of care that is symbolized by our “Hurlbut hug.”

To help this worthy organization and join in a wonderful celebration and event, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to attend or donate to this year’s Celebration of Aging. I’ll be there, and hope to see you there, too.

Robert W. Hurlbut President & CEO