Every Nursing Home You Consider Should Be Able To Answer These Questions

In addition to the initial questions and checklists for choosing the best facility for you, here are some further questions you may want to ask.


  1. Does the staff knock on the door before entering a resident’s room?
  2. Does the staff have access to training and continuing education?
  3. Does the administration perform background checks on prospective employees prior to hiring?
  4. Are there licensed nurses on staff 24 hours a day, and a Registered Nurse (RN) at least 8 hours per day?
  5. Do CNAs help plan the care of residents?

Care and Services

  1. What do residents receive to help keep them healthy?
  2. Does the facility arrange for extra services such as hearing screenings, vision tests and the podiatrist?
  3. Can residents still see their personal doctors?
  4. Is there an arrangement with a hospital for emergencies?
  5. Are specialized services available for residents requiring a higher level of care, e.g. dementia?
  6. Does the staff help residents eat and drink at mealtimes if needed?
  7. Does the facility offer specialized diets based on the dietary needs of the resident?


  1. Is the facility a non-smoking facility?
  2. Can residents have personal belongings and furniture in their rooms?
  3. Do residents have personal storage space in their rooms?
  4. Do residents have access to a personal phone and television?
  5. Is Wi-Fi and/or cable included?


  1. Are handrails and grab bars appropriately placed in the hallways and bathrooms?
  2. Is there an emergency evacuation plan that accounts for bed-bound residents?


  1. Are there outdoor areas for residents use and staff to assist them outdoors?
  2. Does the nursing home have an active volunteer program?

The Future

  1. What improvements were made to the facility or the care in the last year?
  2. What are the plans for future improvements?