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At Hurlbut Care Communities, we are always looking for dedicated individuals who possess drive, compassion, skills and a caring nature. If you are a trained or experienced professional and thrive on providing exceptional, professional care and services in any of the following areas, we invite you to learn more about Hurlbut Care Communities and the opportunities for career satisfaction and growth that we offer.

Our Mission: At Hurlbut Care Communities, our family of compassionate professionals provides person-centered care to our residents and support to their families – to enrich body, heart, mind and spirit.

Our Core Values:
  • Clinical Excellence
    We will deliver the highest quality clinical care to sustain the health and well-being of every resident.
  • Life Enrichment
    We will provide access to amenities and activities, and foster relationships that encourage fulfilling and rewarding life experiences for our residents.
  • Partnerships
    We will leverage strategic resources and relationships to enhance the care we offer to our residents, while always seeking opportunities to evolve and grow.
  • Family Centered
    We will value the importance of family in the lives of our residents and the heritage that is at the core of our existence.
  • Empowerment
    We will be empowered to do everything necessary to meet the needs and interests of our residents and their families.
  • Compassionate Professionalism
    We will perform our responsibilities to the best of our abilities, always striving to exceed expectations, while demonstrating the highest degree of compassion to those we serve.

We’re Close to You

With 11 locations, it’s easy to find a Hurlbut Care Community that is close by!


Avon Nursing & Rehabilitation
Administrator: John Gagnon


Woodside Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation
Administrator: Alaina Maley


The Hurlbut

Administrator: Timothy Srye


The Brightonian

Administrator: Doris Garcia


Latta Road Nursing Home East

Administrator: Dominique Baker


Hamilton Manor

Administrator: James Donofrio


Latta Road Nursing Home West
Administrator: Dominique Baker


Conesus Lake Nursing & Rehabilitation
Administrator: Michele Cone


Newark Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation
Administrator: Kelly Davids


Penfield Place Nursing & Rehabilitation
Administrator: Robert Rubens


Seneca Nursing & Rehabilitation
Administrator: Rebecca Butler

Hurlbut Care Communities are an Equal Opportunity Employer, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, on-the-job injury, sexual orientation, political affiliation or belief. Employment decisions are made without consideration of these or any other factors that employers are prohibited by law from considering.

Hurlbut Care Communities also prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and will reasonably accommodate applicants with a disability, upon request, and will also ensure reasonable accommodation for employees with a disability.

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