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What is short-term rehabilitation?


Short-term rehabilitation provides therapy for individuals recovering from a surgery, illness or accident. Generally, those needing short-term, in-patient rehabilitation may remain involved in their program at one of our facilities for as little as a couple of days to several weeks.

Short-term rehabilitation programs help patients achieve their maximum functional capacity and get back to their homes and community in the shortest time possible. To achieve this goal, patients receive physical, occupational and speech therapy from our caring, highly skilled therapists. Therapists are part of a team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers and nutritionists, who work with each patient and family members to develop an individualized care plan.

If your loved one is in the hospital in need of short term rehabilitation, how does the admissions process work?


Simply have your hospital team contact our placement coordinator at the Hurlbut™ Care Community of your choice or call yourself so we can answer questions or provide advice and counsel on what’s best for you or your family member.

What therapies are available?


Our Rehabilitation Services include:

  • Occupational Therapy: focusing on improving a patient’s self-care independence by restoring functional skills and developing effective alternative strategies for people with mental, physical, emotional, or developmental impairments.
  • Physical Therapy: working on improving a patient’s ability to move; reducing pain, and restoring posture, balance, range of motion and strength.
  • Speech And Language Therapy: focusing on improving a patient’s communication, swallowing liquids/food textures and oral motor skills.
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation: including therapy after treatment for disease, injury and surgical procedures to bones, muscles, joints and tendons – such as hip and knee replacements.
  • Neurological Rehabilitation: providing treatment of conditions affecting the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) including, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and paralysis.

Who decides what type of care I need?


Upon admission, our team conducts a thorough physical and occupational therapy evaluation to determine specific rehabilitative needs. We may also perform a speech therapy evaluation to determine if speech, swallowing and language rehabilitation is necessary.

When will rehabilitation therapy begin once the resident is admitted to the facility


Therapy begins at Day 1 at Hurlbut™ Care Communities treatment begins on the day of admission and can continue up to seven days a week or as determined by a patient’s treatment plan.