May 5, 2020

Hurlbut Blog Post for 5/5/20

The New York State Department of Health has made attempts to support nursing homes with personal protective equipment, additional staffing, and more, however, to date, the NYSDOH’s efforts have been woefully ineffective.

For example, the NYSDOH hotline number for long-term care providers is taking messages, however, we have called multiple times and have had no response. In addition, the NYSDOH healthcare staffing portal developed by the state specifically to support nursing homes with added staffing needs is insufficient. Some of the healthcare workers on the portal have been retired for 20 years, and others are not actively seeking employment.

Ultimately, Governor Cuomo and the NYSDOH’s efforts do not address nursing homes’ needs. They are not helping, and instead are interfering and hindering our processes with mandate after mandate requiring nursing homes to take unnecessary steps.

We would strongly encourage the Governor and NYSDOH officials to meet with nursing home providers directly to identify better solutions and develop more coherent policies that help, not hinder, nursing homes across New York State.