June 13, 2017

Caring for Generations: Passing the torch from Father to Son to Son…

Father’s Day reminds us of all the things Dads pass down to their children...

Father’s Day reminds us of all the things Dads pass down to their children — values, interests, talents, favorite teams, even a family business. Although, for some fathers, allowing their son to take the lead role in a company they founded can be a difficult pill to swallow. But not for Robert H. Hurlbut. Before he passed away in 2013, he credited his parents, Harold and Martha Hurlbut, for instilling in him the desire to care for the elderly and even honored their memory by naming his company in their honor. ROHM Services, parent company to Hurlbut™ Care Communities stands for ‘Robert’s Outstanding Harold and Martha!

With the opening of The Hurlbut Nursing Home in 1969, Hurlbut became the second generation to provide quality care to the aging in a nurturing environment while preserving their dignity and self-respect. These values are still very much a part of the foundation on which each of the 15 skilled nursing home facilities in the greater Rochester NY area are built on today.

In 1992, ‘Robert H.’ took great pride in passing the title of President to his son, Robert W. Hurlbut. And today, Robert W. foresees his son (also a Robert) as coming into the family business; celebrating three generations of caring by the Hurlbut family – a family well respected for its’ service and commitment to the Rochester region and deeply devoted to caring for seniors.

In addition to a continuum of care that Hurlbut Care Communities provides its residents, there’s unquestionably a continuum of caring being passed down within this special, caregiving Hurlbut family. And, if you pause and reflect, there’s probably a lot that’s been passed down in your own life (or someone close to you) from Father to child. So this Father’s Day, take a moment to think about what your Father has shared with you and your family. Then, if you’re fortunate to have the opportunity, give him a hug and say “thanks, Dad.”