March 24, 2016

Get ready to Experience A Hurlbut Hug.

New Hurlbut communications focus on the power and comfort of a hug.

Soon, you’ll begin seeing and hearing messages on television, radio, online, in print, and in social media inviting you to “Experience A Hurlbut Hug.” You’ll also see our Hurlbut family of employees wearing “Hug” buttons. The idea: a hug is a comforting expression. In fact, according to Norwegian lore, hugs were invented to let people know you love them without having to use any words! We believe that saying “Experience A Hurlbut Hug” conveys many of the essential messages that our Hurlbut Care Communities embody –

  • A hug means safety and security, both for our residents and those who love them
  • A hug is important for good health and feeling wanted and cared about
  • A hug symbolizes a caring environment full of warmth and compassion

As always, we love to receive your feedback. So please let us know what you think about our Hurlbut Hug. And I personally invite you to Experience A Hurlbut Hug today!

Robert W. Hurlbut, President & CEO