November 28, 2017

Care. Compassion. Commitment.

For more than 50 years, the Hurlbut family has been providing compassionate care for seniors in the Rochester area......

Soon to be … Four Generations of Caring - Est. 1964

For more than 50 years, the Hurlbut family has been providing compassionate care for seniors in the Rochester area. ROHM Services Corporation, the parent company for Hurlbut™ Care Communities, was founded in 1964 by the late Robert H. Hurlbut. The name ‘ROHM’ is a tribute to his parents which stands for Robert’s Outstanding Harold and Martha (Hurlbut). Family runs deep in this company. Robert W. Hurlbut, President of Hurlbut Care Communities, is the third generation to lead the organization and eagerly anticipates his eldest son Robert joining the family business of caring as the fourth-generation, early next year.

This history of caring began when founder, Robert H. Hurlbut was a young boy. Being an only child can have its moments of loneliness, but not for Robert. As he grew up, he was surrounded by older adults that his parents brought into their home to care for, as they could no longer care for themselves. Through this exposure at such an early age, it became clear to Robert that he wanted to build upon the nurturing foundation his parents had so naturally, yet unknowingly, created for him.

The first member of Hurlbut™ Care Communities was The Hurlbut which Robert opened in 1969 —becoming the second-generation to provide quality care to residents in a nurturing environment, while preserving their dignity and self-respect. Commitment to these values remains strong and ever-present as the number of nursing facilities has grown over the years.

Today, there are 13 Hurlbut™ Care Communities in the greater Rochester area serving the needs of seniors and those individuals who need short-term rehabilitative care. Our roots run deep in this community, and the Hurlbut family has dedicated their lives to enriching the lives of our residents — while also giving back to the community in many ways.

Our President, Bob Hurlbut, is dedicated to improving Rochester and New York state health care.  He’s on the Board for both Lifespan and Strong Memorial Hospital and supports numerous other philanthropic organizations in the area.

The Rochester Business Journal recently posted a list of the top 75 largest area employers among private sector companies. We’re proud to say that Hurlbut Care Communities ranked #20 on that list. And we’re also pleased to provide rewarding careers to 1,500 talented and dedicated people in our region.  We often celebrate and recognize employees with 20, 30 and even 40 years with our organization — a testament to our family-centered culture, as well as their love of what they do.