Three Generations Of Caring

Robert H. Hurlbut credited his parents, Harold and Martha Hurlbut, for instilling in him the desire to care for the elderly. As a tribute to his parents, Mr. Hurlbut named his company, ROHM Services Corporation. It stands for Robert’s Outstanding Harold and Martha.

Being an only child can be lonely for some, but Hurlbut was far from lonely growing up. He was surrounded by elderly people his parents brought into their home to provide care. Hurlbut aspired to build upon the nurturing foundation his parents had so naturally created for him.

With the opening of The Hurlbut Nursing Home in 1969, Hurlbut became the second generation to provide quality care to residents in a nurturing environment while the family likes preserving their dignity and self-respect. These values are still the foundation of each of the 13 skilled nursing home facilities in the greater Rochester NY operated by ROHM Services Corporation.

In 1992, Hurlbut became Chairman of ROHM Services Corporation, taking great pride in passing the title of President to his son, Robert W. Hurlbut.

In late 2010, to celebrate three generations of caring by the Hurlbut family – a family well respected for its service and commitment to the Rochester region and deeply committed to caring for the elderly – Hurlbut Care Communities was launched as the overarching brand for the 13 skilled nursing home facilities.

In March 2013, Robert H. Hurlbut passed away leaving a legacy of care and commitment to the communities our facilities serve.