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The Hurlbut Difference Caring Teamwork Attention To Detail Importance Of Family History


It’s All About Caring


Simply stated, the Hurlbut difference is all about caring. It has been the foundation of our nursing care homes for nearly 50 years. We understand that caring goes well beyond providing the highest level of quality short-term rehabilitative care and long-term skilled nursing.


Every Hurlbut team member recognizes that you can’t just look at a resident and treat him/her like a number. After all, it’s our job to make residents feel welcome and comfortable in their new home.


We recognize that when you take care of someone, you offer understanding and compassion; you listen and respect their backgrounds and beliefs; you help preserve their independence and ensure their safety. We strive to make every Hurlbut™ Care Community a place of caring,

comfort and understanding.


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Teamwork Is Critical


Each member of the Hurlbut Care Communities team shares the same dedication and commitment to caring as the Hurlbut family themselves. That’s because more than 1,600 caregivers and support staff directly work for the 13 Hurlbut Care Communities. We do not have temporary or contract employees. Therefore, our people maintain a level of pride, accountability and continuity that’s unmatched in the nursing care industry.


Teamwork begins in consultation with a resident’s personal physician to gain a more thorough health history and a better understanding of recent health issues. From that point, on-staff physicians, nurses, rehabilitative specialists, registered dietitians and other medical support professionals specially trained in geriatric care work as a team to monitor and manage the well-being of our residents every step of their day.


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Attention To Detail


From the moment you drive in, to the moment you leave a Hurlbut Care Community, you will notice an outstanding attention to detail. We understand that a first impression makes a lasting impression.


You’ll find all Hurlbut Care Communities beautifully landscaped with lush gardens, well-kept walkways and building exteriors. While each of the communities offers unique amenities, the attention to detail remains consistent. Inside each community, the interior decor is carefully selected to promote a positive, comfortable atmosphere.


We pay attention to the details. For instance, our medical staff takes every measure to ensure new medications don’t conflict with existing prescriptions. The attention to detail extends to our dietary staff who makes sure residents with special dietary needs, such as those with diabetes, get the correct snacks and meals.


We understand that it is the little things that matter and that’s what helps make each Hurlbut Care Community a home.


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Understanding The Importance Of Family


For family members, choosing a skilled nursing facility for a loved one is a difficult decision. Each member of the Hurlbut Care Communities team understands that entrusting the care of a loved one to a nursing home may be a time when feelings of anxiety, frustration and concern seem overwhelming.


Beginning with your initial tour and continuing throughout your loved one’s stay with us, our dedicated staff members will not only make certain that the needs of your loved one are met, but also ensure that your needs or concerns as a critical extended member of the Hurlbut family, are quickly and sufficiently addressed.


Hurlbut Care Communities offers a level of trust and confidence that your loved one will receive the highest quality of care, as if he/she were a member of the Hurlbut family themselves.


Hurlbut Care Communities. Let our family care for yours.


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Hurlbut History – Three Generations Of Caring


Founded as ROHM Services Corporation by Robert H. Hurlbut, he credits his parents Harold and Martha Hurlbut for instilling in him the desire to care for the elderly. As a tribute to his parents, Mr. Hurlbut named the company after them – Robert’s Outstanding Harold and Martha.


Being an only child can have its moments of loneliness, but not for Mr. Hurlbut. As he grew up, he was surrounded by elderly people that his parents brought into their home to care for as they could no longer care for themselves. Through this exposure at such an early age, it became clear to

Mr. Hurlbut that he wanted to build upon the nurturing foundation his parents had so naturally, yet unknowingly, created for him.


With the opening of The Hurlbut Nursing Home in 1969, Mr. Hurlbut became the second generation to provide quality care to residents in a nurturing environment while preserving their dignity and self-respect. His commitment to these values has remained strong with the number of nursing homes in Rochester NY operated by ROHM Services Corporation now numbering 13.


Mr. Hurlbut assumed the position of Chairman of ROHM Services Corporation in 1992 when, with great pride, he passed the title of President onto his son, Robert W. Hurlbut. Soon after, and with equal pride, Christine Hurlbut was named Vice President of this third-generation, family-owned business.


In late 2010, to celebrate three generations of caring by the Hurlbut family – a family well respected for its service and commitment to the Rochester region and deeply committed to caring for the elderly – Hurlbut Care Communities was launched as the umbrella brand for the 13 nursing home facilities operated by ROHM Services Corporation.


It is with great pride that the Hurlbut family invites you to learn more about Hurlbut Care Communities.


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