Hurlbut Care Communities

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For information about the comprehensive skilled nursing and post-acute care nursing services offered by each individual Hurlbut Care Community, visit Our Communities.

Exceptional, Comprehensive Nursing Home Care


Every Hurlbut™ Care Community offers the highest standard of long-term nursing home care and short-term rehabilitative services in a warm, safe and caring environment.


Our compassionate, friendly, professional staff is comprised of licensed physicians, nurses, rehabilitative specialists, registered dietitians and other medical support professionals specially trained in geriatric care. Each of them has an extensive knowledge of the medical concerns of the geriatric population and understands the specific care techniques and mobility needs of the elderly.


In addition, our skilled nursing staff and supporting medical team is trained to manage the needs of residents’ acute or chronic diseases, such as diabetes or various cancers, or those residents requiring special care when recovering from surgical procedures:


  • Colostomy
  • Tube feedings
  • Wound care
  • Intravenous care
  • Orthopedic post-surgical restorative care


In order to maintain this exceptional level of quality care, staff members participate in ongoing training programs and health-related seminars within their respective fields.


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A Dedicated Team


Each member of the Hurlbut Care Communities team shares the same dedication and commitment to caring as the Hurlbut family themselves. That’s because more than 1,600 caregivers and support staff directly work for ROHM Services Corporation’s Hurlbut Care Communities. We do not have temporary or contract employees. Therefore, our people maintain a level of pride, accountability and continuity that’s unmatched in the nursing

care industry.


Caregivers work together with other staff members, personal physicians and family members, to ensure the highest quality of care and to preserve the highest level of dignity and independence for each of our residents.


Our carefully selected team of professionals is ready 24 hours a day to provide our residents with the skilled nursing services they need. We are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of our residents, as well as their family members, are being met.


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Our floor plans promote easy mobility for our residents as they visit with friends and family or dine and attend activities within the facility. Beautifully decorated living, dining and activity rooms provide our residents with safe and comfortable settings where they can relax, socialize and share special moments while enjoying all the comforts of home. The majority of our Hurlbut Care Communities are of a smaller size, which creates a more intimate atmosphere for residents and their caregivers.


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The Comforts Of Home – The Safety Of Our Community


Adjusting to a new environment isn't always easy. Every Hurlbut Care Community is sensitive to this, and so they strive to make the living environment warm and welcoming. Although resident rooms are fully furnished, we encourage our residents to bring familiar items with them – photographs, special mementos, books, blankets and more – which will help create a feeling of home.


  • Our resident accommodations are primarily private rooms, although each community offers semi-private rooms for those residents who prefer a shared living experience
  • Cable television and telephone services are available for our residents to enjoy their favorite shows and to keep them connected with family    and friends
  • Complete laundry and housekeeping services are available as well as easy and convenient access to podiatry, optometry, beauty shop and barber services; complimentary in-house dental services are also available to our residents
  • For our residents’ safety, we furnish all bedrooms and restrooms with a special nurse-call system to reassure our residents that personal nursing assistance, if needed, is immediately accessible


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Keeping Our Residents Active


Our residents experience the delight of new friendships, new interests and new enthusiasm as they participate in a variety of social and recreational activities designed to enhance their emotional and spiritual well-being while keeping them active.


Among the most popular activities are day trips to concerts, museums and restaurants. Our residents can also enjoy in-house pet therapy, art therapy and much more. Our residents always take pleasure in attending parties and cookouts held at our communities.


Cultural and religious services for all faiths and denominations are also provided.


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Nutritious and Delicious


The aroma of home-cooked meals prepared by our dedicated food service staff invites residents to socialize and dine within a family setting.


Each Hurlbut Care Community has an in-house registered dietitian who works with each resident’s personal physician to meet special dietary and nutritional needs.


While we strongly believe our residents greatly benefit from socializing with their friends while they dine in our beautiful dining rooms, we are sensitive to residents who may require personalized room service. Of course, friends and family are always welcome to join their loved one for a meal.


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