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If you need assistance, please contact the Admissions Coordinator at the Hurlbut Care Community of your choice.


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Helping To Turn Stressful Into Stress Free


The process of moving a loved one into a nursing facility can be stressful – for the loved one and for his or her family. Hurlbut™ Care Communities strive to make the admissions process as easy and stress free as possible.


The following information is required prior to admission to any Hurlbut Care Community: PRI, screen, history and physical, advanced directives and financial information. Other items may be needed depending on a patient’s diagnoses.


If your loved one is in a hospital, please let the social worker know you are interested in one of our Hurlbut Care Communities. The social worker will obtain all of the information and fax it to the Hurlbut Care Community of choice.


If your loved one is currently being cared for at home, the home care agency can complete the PRI and screen, and obtain the other information from the physician in the community.


The following is a list of area home healthcare agencies that you can contact to complete the PRI and screen:


  • VNS (Visiting Nurse Service) 585-787-2233
  • Lifetime Care 585-214-1000
  • HCR (Home Care of Rochester) 585-272-1930


While the paperwork is being gathered, we encourage families and responsible parties to take a tour of any of our Hurlbut Care Communities. You can call in advance to schedule an appointment with an admission coordinator or stop in at anytime and one of our administrative staff members will be happy to assist you.


The administrative staff will review the referral information and determine if they can meet the needs of your loved one. We will notify the hospital of our decision or if your loved one is at home you will be contacted directly. If we are able to provide the care, we will expedite admission. If necessary, the hospital can arrange transportation to the Hurlbut Care Community you have chosen.